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Let's Clear Things Up!


Have you ever experienced a sudden sense of well-being upon entering a particular environment?...or alternatively, maybe you felt heaviness or anxiety?   Did you wonder what it was that caused these feelings? 


Energy is everywhere.  It can be positive or negative, light or heavy, flowing or stuck, and this energy affects how you will feel when in a given space, especially if you’re sensitive in this way.  The reasons behind the less desirable types of energy can be many, and so the solutions to improving the energy can be varied as well.  If you would like to explore this often overlooked yet very important aspect of “home improvement”, Yvonne would be delighted to be your guide on this journey of “space shifting”.     


Being as every environment is unique, as are its inhabitants, Yvonne utilizes various methods and tools to clear space.  With this in mind she will evaluate your space and discuss your experience of the environment with you, and then she will help you to discover what the best method of clearing the space would be for your personal situation.   Some methods include use of herbs, bells & chimes, drums, salt, gemstones, removal of items, and more.   

If you'd like to find out more or get started on shifting the energy in your space, please get in touch via the button below or give us a call.    

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Can You Feel It?


The items that we live with have influence on our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, whether we’re aware of it or not.  And some items may have significant impact.  With this in mind it's crucial to consider the energy of the items that you allow into your personal space and the impact that each item may have on your overall well-being. 


Together we'll take inventory of items in your environment and examine the potential impact that these items may be having on you and what to do about this. 


​As part of this journey we may also examine your current feelings about your space as well as how you’d like to feel in your space and how we might then optimize your environment for better results.  Theme, style, decor, and color palette may also be addressed  as part of this service as it's important that you feel "at home" in your space in whatever form that happens to be for you.  

Reach out if you'd like to get started or find out more about this offering.   



Urban Shamanism


Yvonne is available for a variety of intuitive services related to urban shamanism.  Shamanism is concerned with the spirit world, connecting with and learning from spirit guides and ancestors, connecting with and learning from the animal and plant kingdoms, dreams and dream work, exploration in general, working with energy, and healing, among other things. 

Simply stated, urban shamanism differs from indigenous shamanism in that indigenous shamans work with traditional learned methods within tribal settings, whereas urban shamans work with non-traditional (and/or traditional methods if express permission is granted) within urban settings.  


Are you interested in exploring any of the above and how these things might assist you on your journey?  If so please send a message to inquire and let's start a conversation about the possibilities. 


Note:  If you've ​made it this far in reading through our website you may have realized that all of our services actually have their roots in urban shamanism, with a special interest in plants, animals, energy work, and optimizing environments for the purpose of bringing well-being to the occupants.

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