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ABOUT:  Yvonne Suter is owner of Sacred Roots Design (SRD) and is a California native with both formal and hands-on education in landscape design and horticulture making her knowledge base well-rounded and also regionally appropriate.  As a professional she has over 14 years of experience in working with homeowners throughout Los Angeles County and most parts of Orange County, creating custom gardens and outdoor living spaces and providing other home related services as well.  In her personal life, Yvonne has been involved with plants and landscape construction since she was a child tagging along with her father in the backyard and helping out with all the various projects.  


SRD provides customized and personalized design services for projects of all sizes and we have a network of contractors who can install your project too.  We provide landscape design & consultation, coaching for DIY, exterior styling, special considerations for pets, wildlife gardens, veggie gardens, houseplant displays & terrariums, interior forest bathing design, unique and conscious interior styling, house paint consultations, custom artwork & installations, space clearing, and intuitive/urban shaman services.  And we plan to launch our online shop in 2020 featuring items to assist in optimizing your environment and the energy of your space!


We have experience with all elements of outdoor living including hardscape, wood structures, water features & ponds, pools & spas, fire pits & fire places, outdoor kitchens, patio and seating areas, custom gardens, sustainability, artistic installations, and more.  We can create outdoor spaces in any style and we have a special interest in creating unique, enchanting, thematic, sanctuary, and wellness spaces to nourish your heart & soul!  Big or small, we're interested in all.  


Sacred Roots Design is a sister business to Yvonne’s primary design business, Dwell by Design, and was recently established as a means to reach the special people who value the unique services that SRD offers.  We are passionate about optimizing your interior and exterior environments and creating unique, visionary, enchanting, and magical outdoor spaces (of any size) to enhance your life experience.  Reach out today and let’s discuss the possibilities. 

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