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Houseplants Make Great Friends!

There, I said it.  And it's true!  Houseplants really do make great friends.  There are studies that show that houseplants may improve your mood, reduce stress levels, aid with concentration and productivity, add moisture to the air, boost your immune system, and provide other benefits as well.  These are all good reasons to bring some green into your interior space, but we think houseplants have even more to offer!  

Plants are amazing living things and there is still so much to be learned about this kingdom.  There is growing evidence that plants possess intelligence and sensory awareness, and they may also have the ability to communicate (although in different ways than we humans are familiar with, like via chemicals for example). 


We like plants for all of the above reasons and we've also noticed that we never seem to feel alone in their presence (there's the "friend" thing!).  There is a sense of quiet wisdom about them and a detectable energy as well. 

And if you need yet another reason to take on some houseplant roomies, they will beautify your environment like nothing else will, and there is an abundant amount of amazing varieties available to adopt!  


Let us know if we can assist with the introductions.   We can set you up with one very special plant friend or groupings of plant friends, and we can also create custom displays and terrariums for you as well.  


Note:  If you have children or pets please choose your houseplants with their safety in mind.  And if you're not able to keep live houseplants, we can hook you up with realistic looking faux plants instead.


Foggy Forest


Yes...Forest Bathing, Inside!

Forest bathing, which originated in Japan, is the practice of spending time in a forest setting in order to receive the calming and restorative benefits that this activity provides.  This is wonderful if you happen to live in reasonable proximity to a forest, but what if you don’t?...And unfortunately this is likely the case for those who are most in need of the benefits of forest bathing!


If you have a backyard, you could plant your own mini-forest in a naturalistic manner to approximate a wild space (and we could help you with this by the way!) and then wait for your forest to grow.  But what if you don’t have a backyard?…Or you do, but you want to experience the benefits of forest bathing right away, without having to wait for your forest to grow?


No need to despair. You can still reap the benefits of forest bathing by bringing elements from nature into your home and arranging them in a naturalistic manner so as to provide yourself with an “inside forest bathing” experience.  You can create a forest room, a forest corner, a forest balcony, or even a forest terrarium or altar.  Whatever amount of space you’re willing to dedicate is bound to yield some beneficial results.


Some examples of items that can be used for the intended purpose are living plants, moss, branches, logs, pine cones/needles, rocks, leaves, pods, and other items that are reminiscent of a forest. That said you must use good sense and be thoughtful when sourcing natural items.  It’s also possible to use some faux or constructed items and still benefit from the representation.  


If you’d like to explore the options for bringing the forest inside, so to speak, we’d love to assist you.  Please get in touch using the button below.

Flowers in Glass Jar


Style Your Goals

What is conscious styling you may ask?  Conscious styling takes into consideration more than just aesthetic preferences and functionality.  The intention is to choose decor, furnishings, and other necessary items that align with your desired goals and how you'd like to experience life.  


Priority must be given to choosing items that reflect your goals and your desired state of being and also to eliminating things that do not serve in these ways.  So in essence, your environment becomes a living vision board!  One that you interact with everyday.  And this actually puts you in the space of your goals, rather than just trying to envision them. 


Obviously there may be limitations to what you can do based on budget and allowable space, but with some creativity and ingenuity, much can be achieved.  And that is where we come into the picture!  We can assist you in defining your goals and then help you put the pieces together to support your aspirations....while also keeping in mind your aesthetic preferences and functionality.  



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