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White Room


"Alchemical Reaction"

"Yvonne is a master at her craft. This craft being, in the most natural sense, having the ability to perceive the totality of anything presented to her and then offering her findings in a way that is easily understood.


She has an uncommon intelligence combined with high creativity which brings an alchemical reaction, giving birth to exciting perspectives. She takes in so much so fast and has a way of making the most out of what would appear to be the tiniest amount of information.


Ideas are truly her passion and expressing and sharing this valuable energy in the form of philosophical and practical information is a rewarding and inspirational gift for all participants. All this is done with a caring, pure heart, as she is delighted with helping to bring a positive outcome."

~Darlene S.

"Transformative Work"

"I have had the privilege of working with Yvonne Suter, and I can confidently say that her Illuminated Consultations have had a profound impact on my life.

I've sought her assistance in many areas, and she was able to pinpoint the core issues and blockers hindering my progress. With great intuition, she identified that my tentativeness was holding me back in almost every aspect of my life. Although it was initially difficult to accept, I soon realized the truth in her words.

Working with Yvonne has been transformative. Through her guidance, I have learned to trust myself more, believe in my decisions, and wholeheartedly commit to my endeavors. As a result, my life has seen remarkable improvements in practically every area, particularly in my creative pursuits. Yvonne's ability to uncover and address the underlying barriers is truly remarkable, and her compassionate approach creates a safe space for growth and self-discovery.

I wholeheartedly recommend Yvonne Suter's services to anyone seeking a fresh perspective, creative solutions, and meaningful insights. Her Illuminated Consultation is a true gift and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. Yvonne's expertise and her genuine dedication to helping others make her an invaluable asset to anyone in need."

~Allie Hanson

"Wise Woman"

"Yvonne’s natural ability to see barriers and provide insight is unparalleled. I have sought Yvonne's guidance in personal, business, and creative endeavors and each time she has illuminated the blocks and revelations that I am struggling to navigate. Her ease to understand and empathize with me allows for true open communication which ultimately enhances her guidance through the turbulent waters. I am in constant awe of Yvonne’s gifts and brain power. She has the ability to take in so much at once, which anyone who enters into service with her will see and experience quite quickly. It’s obvious she was meant to share, educate, and embody the archetype of a Wise Women.


I would recommend using Yvonne as a tool to enhance your experiences whether it be for problematic issues or a need to expand and be inspired by her vast knowledge and life experience which has given her everything she needs and more to help those who seek it."

~Elizabeth De Voe

"Space Shifter"

"Yvonne brings a unique combination of skills and talents to the table.  She's a really creative designer (with lots of ideas and solutions) AND she's also a highly intuitive coach and adviser.  We like to call her our space shifter."


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