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Illuminated Consultations

Simply stated, my primary innate process is a heightened ability to uncover and grasp that which is hidden and then to bring this to the foreground, to illuminate. 

Relationship Reading

Creative Endeavors

 30 min:  $60 / 1 hour:  $100

Are you an artist, musician, composer, writer, designer, maker, or other creative type who is experiencing a block?  Or maybe you wish that you had someone highly creative to brainstorm your ideas with?  Or perhaps you don’t really consider yourself creative but you’ve been tasked with a creative project and don’t know where to start?  In any case I can be of assistance and help you reach your goals!


I’m able to offer very specific ideas and solutions for your project/s (i.e. a melody for your song, a concept for your design, curation of your photographs/artwork, etc) or I can simply be a very effective creative or motivational spark in your galaxy to help you brainstorm and get your energy on track again!


I may also be able to reveal things about your work and process that could help you to more deeply understand yourself and your life as a creator and identify any potential blocks. 


Reach out and let’s create!

Birth chart Reading

Personal, Spiritual, Wellness, & Health

 30 min:  $60 / 1 hour:  $100

Through conversation with clients I’m able to offer observations, insights and revelations that may bring clarity and deeper understanding to different areas of one’s life such as relationships, spirituality, and health & wellness issues.


I’m able to do this in that I’m deeply empathic, have a high level of intuition, and in being neurodivergent I have a brain that works in a unique way that brings with it special abilities such as heightened pattern recognition as it relates to complex information, recognizing connections between seemingly unrelated elements, and addressing logical inconsistencies and practical issues through creative, abstract approaches.  In addition I have the ability to observe my own thinking and all that comes with that! 

For a deeper understanding of the above, I recommend reading the following article found at InterGifted's website via this link:


And please make sure to check out their amazing website in its entirety!  There is so much valuable information and great services to be found there as well.  


I also have heightened intuition, understanding and thinking skills in the areas of philosophy, mystical things, and existentialism.

Here's another great read found at InterGifted's Instagram profile on the above topic:

In addition I offer mentoring to other neurodivergent folks. I can help you to consider how your unique brain works and we can explore how to utilize this uniqueness in the best possible ways while minimizing any challenges that you may experience due to being neurodivergent.


Insights & revelations await!

yearly Transit Reading

Career, Business & Industry

 30 min:  $60 / 1 hour:  $100

I have a great interest in life purpose, vocation, entrepreneurship and innovation, and when my gifts, skills and abilities are applied to these areas of interest, the possibilities are endless!

Life Purpose:  I can help you dig deep and explore life purpose. Life purpose usually involves a native/innate “process” or "ability" that makes one feel good and very alive when engaging with it.  This process can at times be tricky to identify as a part of one's life purpose since it often shows up in ways that do not feel important enough to us to qualify as part of our purpose here on earth.  And that being said, one must engage one's native/innate “process” or "ability" in order to be truly happy with your work!

Vocation:  We'll have discussions together about career options to look into. And if we can discover what your native/innate process is, this makes it easier as it then becomes a matter of finding a career path that allows this process to be engaged while meeting your other job needs, i.e. salary, work environment, location, etc.

Entrepreneurship:  I can assist you with developing suitable business ideas, overall concept. and/or the elements that are part of this such as business names, logos, business cards, website concept, etc.

Innovation:  I can help with brainstorming ideas & inventions and provide innovation & solutions for industries of all types that are within my moral comfort zone.


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